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We'll partner your eCommerce brand, with our expertise, to achieve INCREDIBLE results... and our proof?

Over $151 MILLION generated for our clients in 2023 alone!
Brands that we increased profits for

Alp N Rock

  • Sales Increased by 361%.
  • Conversion rates Increased by 103%.
  • Orders Increased by 260%.
  • ​AOV increased by 39%.
  • ​Blended ROAS went up by 81%.
  • ​Facebook ROAS Increased by 98%.
  • ​Google Ad ROAS Increased by 132%.
  • ​New Customer CPA decreased by 55%.
  • ​Ad spend Increased by 108%.

Hampden Clothing

  • Sales Increased by 141%.
  • Went from $250kp/m to $1million p/m.
  • Blended ROAS 10x.
  • Google Ad ROAS 10x.
  • ​Facebook Ad ROAS 5x.
  • ​Pinterest Ad ROAS 4x.


  • Blended ROAS Increased by 22%.
  • Blended CPA Decreased by 16%.
  • $7 million in sales up 109%. 
  • Facebook ROAS Increased by 10%. 
  • Google ROAS Increased by 20%.

Good For Nothing

  • Blended ROAS went from 2x To 4x.
  • Facebook ROAS went from 1.2x To 3.4x.
  • Google ROAS went from 3x To 5x.
  • Email Revenue went from 10% To 25%.

Smocking Bird

  • Sales Increased by 14%.
  • Conversion rates Increased by 16%.
  • Orders Increased by 14%.
  • Facebook ROAS Increased by 10%.
  • Google Ad ROAS Increased by 15%.

Luno Life

  • Google Ads Revenue Increased by 30%.
  • Facebook Revenue Increased by 20%.
  • Shopify Orders Increased by 20%
We partner with remarkable
eCommerce brands
$2.5M to $12M at 10X ROAS in 18 months. 
“We hired Rozee Digital after our previous digital marketing agency was not meeting our goals. We couldn't be happier"
Katherine Redd
E-Com Marketing Director
UK and US sales increase By over 100% in just 12 months.
"I feel like you all are an integral part of my team, and I appreciate that you consider other areas of the business, even those you don't directly manage, to ensure we achieve the best results."
Lockie Cunningham,
Here's how  we'll scale your eCommerce brand
The e-commerce landscape has changed significantly over the past couple of years! 
No longer can you simply run ads to your product page and hope for profitable conversions and growth.

Our approach is both holistic & comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned. We're obsessed with helping brands smash through their goals, all while maintaining profitability.

New Customer Acquisition

Implementing effective paid advertising strategies to consistently attract new customers.

Scalable Ad Creatives

We excel in pinpointing creative elements that truly engage your audience. Our process involves testing different messages, and ad formats to find and scale the most effective ads for your campaign.

ROAS/CPA Targets

Unlike other agencies, we prioritise understanding your unit economics. This crucial insight helps us set and achieve profitable ROAS/CPA targets, ensuring we're on the right path to meet your financial goals.

Audience Diversification

Utilising creative diversification for efficient performance and reaching new audience segments.

Messaging & Ad Creative

Integrating resonant messaging with high-converting creatives, we create compelling, brand-aligned ads that effectively drive traffic, sales, and conversions.

Historical Analysis

By auditing your ad, website, and retention data, we quickly identify key areas for improvement. Our focus is on rapid, impactful wins and strategic multi-channel approaches to enhance traffic, conversion rates, and CLTV.

Customer Lifetime Value

Utilising targeted email and SMS marketing to significantly increase your customers' lifetime value, fostering long-term customer relationships and repeat business.

Overcoming Creative Fatigue

Continuously refreshing creatives to maintain engagement and maximise profitability.

​Advertorials/Landing Pages

Our custom advertorials and landing pages not only engage but warm up your audience effectively post-click. This targeted approach significantly lowers CPAs and drives new customer acquisition by delivering a more personalised and relevant browsing experience.

Customer Behaviour Insights

Delving into your data to identify best sellers and opportunities for increased AOV through bundling or upselling. We focus on understanding buying cycles and enhancing conversion rates to drive more effective sales strategies.
We've generated over $151 million in direct revenue from paid ads & email marketing
Experience outstanding advertising returns like these brands
Acquisition & retention services


Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, PPC Ads & Email provides the eyeballs and we generate the profits.


We're here to leave a positive impact with ad creative that inspires and converts your customers.


The boat doesn't float without a relentless focus on growth. It's sink or SWIM.

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